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Customising Tape


Customising Tape

Perfect for flexible pinstriping. Create multi lined designs quickly and simply the multi cut tape consists of 8 x 1.5mm lines of tape.

JTAPE Customising Tape uses a thermally stablised PVC backing with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. The Customising Tape has 8 lengths of pre-cut fine line masking tape – allowing a multitude of curved patterns to be created when customising vehicles. It is highly flexible, easy to curve and will hold and cleanly remove from surfaces in temperatures up to 132°C/270°F for at least 30 minutes. After demasking, it will leave no residue and a sharp, clean separation line.


  1. Apply fine line masking tape to set a guideline for application.
  2. Follow the guideline with the product and apply pressure to ensure firm positioning.
  3. Remove diecut strips where necessary.
  4. Mask off remaining area in preparation for painting.
  5. Paint over the unmasked area.
  6. Remove masking materials to complete process.