Specialist Paints




Liquid custom colours are used to produce colour-changing paint ( flip paint ) finishes that range from very subtle to very dramatic. The colour of the basecoat applied under mid-coat dramatically effects the final colour and shift colour. Dark coloured basecoats provide the most colour change with light basecoats providing clear and sophisticated pastel and opalescent colour shifts. Each Liquid custom product has the potential to produce an infinite number of colour shift effects depending on basecoat colour selection.

There are 2 dramatic Liquid colours:

  • Liquid Aqua - shifting from Green to Blue
  • Liquid Gold - shifting from Gold to Green to Blue
  • Liquid Red - shifting from Red to Gold to Green
  • Liquid Sapphire - shifting from Blue to Dark Blue/Purple
  • Liquid Charcoal - shifting from Gray to Green to Blue


Our award winning Liquid is now available in a aerosol can. CANZ give high output with excellent Atomization and high transfer efficiency with no pressure drop during application. Using our CANZ can save on time & labour with no paint mixing or Spray gun cleaning.

Liquid Paint Kits:

Liquid 3 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 3 litres of Base coat (Any Colour)
  • 3 litres of Liquid (Any Colour)
  • 3 Litres of D-Thinner
  • 3 litre Show Clear Kit (includes Activator)

Liquid 1 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 1 litres of Base coat (Any Colour)
  • 1 litres of Liquid (Any Colour)
  • 1 Litres of D-Thinner
  • 1 litre Show Clear Kit (includes Activator)


Liquid coatings are easy to apply and can even be applied by a airbrush. For best results use a Black base coat but using different colours will give you a real custom effect. Liquid colours can also mixed with our other product Candy, spectracoat, Sparkle, flip paint etc..

  • Start by prepping your project as you would any other paint job. (Sand, Prime, etc.)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Base coat leaving 10-15 minutes between coats.
  • Mix Liquid 2-1 with D-Thinner and stir well.
  • Apply Liquid 3-4 coats depending on the effect you desire. Leave 10-15 minutes between coats. (Always spray test penals before spraying you product or project)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of 2K Show Clear for a Real Deep Gloss